With data becoming the lifeblood of so many businesses, viable backup solutions have become vital to survival. Backups have become more sophisticated than they were twenty years ago. Rather than relying on a single system onsite, backups can be done remotely through offsite backup services Toronto that offers a secure, redundant backup of data which is an important aspect of any disaster recovery Toronto plan.

Concerns About Data

Cyberattacks have increased exponentially over the last decade. It is a constant worry for IT professionals across all industries. While losing data can be catastrophic to many businesses, some companies refuse to see a need to take steps to secure their systems. Even for those that are backing their data up, it isn’t frequent enough.

Below are some alarming realities:

  • 29% of Data Loss is Caused by Accidents
  • 30% of All Computers Have Malware
  • 113 Phones are Lost or Stolen Each Minute

How Often Should I Backup?

We can’t plan for accidents. If we could they wouldn’t be accidents. They would simply be events. Are you planning on a second-floor bathroom in your business to have a burst pipe? No, of course not. What if that burst pipe infiltrates your server and destroys system hardware? If you were backing up your data as it was being updated , there wouldn’t be a problem. You could restore your entire dataset quickly and easily. If you were only backing your systems weekly, then you could have a problem.

How often your backups run is determined by how much data you collect. If you are a small business, perhaps a single full backup each day and partial backups every hour is enough. However, if you are a sizeable enterprise with large volumes of data gathered each day, then backups should be more frequent.

Diverse Backup Locations

While backups are important, so are the backup systems’ locations. It is not a wise decision to have only one onsite backup. It is important to consider various data backup and recovery solutions including offsite backup providers in Toronto. One solution is to have multiple data backups in multiple locations. This ensures that regardless of natural disaster or accident, you have access to a backup of your data.

Types of backups:

  • Local Backup
  • Cloud or Offsite

Data Restoration

Having reliable backups is important, however, if they are not able to be restored quickly, they aren’t very valuable.

Things to consider:

  • Restoration Time
  • Quality of Backup Drive

You can’t assume your backups are reliable. You need to test them periodically. With offsite backup services Toronto such as  Pathway Communications working with you,  best in backup, and disaster recovery can be achieved.

Data Recovery

It is important when using server backup services Toronto that you keep in mind the following for a data recovery plan:

  • Identify crucial data and systems
  • Identify recovery goals
  • Create a Communication Plan
  • Test and Evaluate

Look no further than Pathway Communications as your offsite backup provider in Toronto. Reach out today.